Let my clients do the talking.

Christina Neumaier, Body & Mindfulness Coaching

After my launch in Oct 2020 I was certain something was off which held me back from achieving the financial success I desired. And clearly the approach I had tried so far didn’t work.

For that launch I had invested in additional business coaching, spent thousands of euros on advertising and even though 2.000 women signed up for the 3 day challenge my sales rate was only 1%.

I had been doing mindset work on the subconscious level before, but Kathrin’s approach goes way deeper and I was able to draw connections, I didn’t see before. That for me was a total game changer.

Since working with Kathrin a lot has changed. I have so much more energy, I stopped procrastinating and now act upon my ideas immediately. Further, instead of pressuring myself to do things, I now act out of pure joy and excitement.

My confidence has reached a new level and I now enjoy going live.

Then , in December 2020 I made an additional 4.000, – EUR out of the blue with 1:1 sessions and in January 2021, my very spontaneous launch reached a sales rate of 17%. 

But the most exciting thing that happened – I had the courage to launch my new high ticket program, and sold it out! 

40.000, – EUR!

Not with a convoluted launch strategy but by following my intuition and simply reaching out to the women I knew this program was aligned with. 

If you are ready to build your financially successful soul aligned business and create freely, I highly recommend working with Kathrin.

Joy Perry, Holistic Massage Therapist

I feel amazing! 

Ever since I worked with Kathrin I feel so much more confident and empowered. Before I had a fear of visibility – on and offline, low self confidence and anxiety.

I am surprised to have such a surge in energy and extreme gratefulness. Also, following our first session I had my busiest week on record! My income more than doubled!

Kathrin provides phenomenal support. She was quick in her response time and had recordings ready almost immediately.

She was both attentive and very supportive to my specific needs. We were easily able to make our schedules work considering the difference in time zones.

The combination of tools was great. I got to experience a tripod of Trance, mixed with shamanic and spiritual healing, Coaching and a Quantum Leap session. All of which I am still benefiting greatly from.

Working with Kathrin has changed my life and business and if you want to improve your business situation, gain lasting confidence and lose anxiety, work with Kathrin. 

Marion Birkmeyer, Coaching & Therapy

I have experienced a total shift in what I focus on – with total shifts in the results as well:)

I took one Business program after the other, nothing seemed to work until I realised its not longer the „how to create a sustainable business“ I am struggling with but to look at some deeper issues around self-sabotaging.

Kathrin provided information around self-sabotaging success – and also helped me figure out how this applied in my case and finally released it.

The framework she offered with the coaching that comes along the trance healing sessions was catered to my specific needs, to stop sabotaging myself on the conscious and subconscious level.

Kathrin really is a force in nature and working with her was a very powerful experience. 

She was able to discover all these different ways of how I sabotaged my own success and eradicated them in our first session. 

She combines her vast knowledge and holds a safe space for change to happen while doing the individual and deep work. 

Dia Ellinghaus, Founder of MiracleBabyHypno

I was completely sabotaging myself, total overwhelm with getting my biz going, social media “angst” and some limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had – lol.

I now have greater insight into what was holding me back and I have much more clarity. I know how to take it one step at a time and how to acknowledge myself more.

Kathrin is a badass at crushing not only limiting beliefs around “being successful” but also the major issues I was facing around time and task management aka analysis paralysis.

In our Trance Healing session Kathrin gently guided me towards uncovering and deconstructing limiting beliefs. She asked the right questions and gave actionable advice. She shared insights via voice messages outside of regular coaching sessions which felt really personal and supportive.

Her program is a mix of little bit of hypnotic magic and a lot of practical structured advice. It’s simply a great experience and very valuable if someone needs some “hand-holding” while crushing their self-sabotage!

Most surprising to me was uncovering conflicting beliefs around “being successful” and self-worth that led to the self-sabotaging behavior.

And how much acknowledging little wins helps in this process.

I loved how Kathrin supported me – especially the short voice messages she sent in between coaching sessions. Those little reminders or insights she shared were as much as valuable as the “real work”.

Kathrin’s program is the perfect mix of subconscious and conscious work mixed with personalized coaching for anyone who wants to overcome their self-sabotage.

Update: Shortly after our session Dia signed up a new client and felt absolutely confident to charge 3 times more than before.

Rozzi Jennings, Transformational Coaching

I came to Kathrin to seek help with my major self-sabotage issues that have been stopping me from starting my business and holding me back from reaching health goals for literally years!

I was quite doubtful in the beginning as I had tried different things before, had several RTT sessions, but none had worked for me. 

My session with Kathrin was amazing – she managed to tap into something buried deep inside me that was the cause of all this self-sabotage that I had been carrying around for so long. And it was nothing like what I consciously thought it was. And as a result of our session together, I’ve been moving forward with the very things I’d feel major resistance towards, and I’m now launching a business I feel deeply aligned with.

Kathrin was brilliant and very responsive to what I needed individually. The sessions I had with her felt totally tailored to my specific circumstances.

Kathrin’s a pro at breaking through your self-sabotaging patterns and finding the real cause buried deep down and uprooting it completely. I’d highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to break through self-sabotaging patterns!

Sonali Aggarwal Saraogi, Life Coach Hypnotherapist

After working with Kathrin I feel lighter and I confidently spoke at a panel discussion, attended by over 200 people. Something I avoided in the past, even though I knew I had the knowledge and expertise. 

Further old clients are enrolling in new sessions again.

Before, I was self-sabotaging myself despite my efforts to change.

Kathrin has been super helpful, accommodating, considerate in every way possible. She has followed up with me all throughout. Once she got to know of the panel discussion she even checked on me soon after it was done.

Working with her has been an amazing experience. She was always there to guide and assist throughout the whole time we worked together. 

There was a scene I kept regressing to despite having seen this scene with 2 other therapists. Neither of them caught the scene, it’s meaning to me and it’s impact on my life, which Kathrin certainly did.

This has actually helped me break my pattern. Something I had been facing since the past 5 years. 

Karin B., Holistic Therapist

I used to be a major procrastinator, after my session with Kathrin I am taking action! I also had no clarity on what to do and where to go business wise. 

Kathrin blew me away! She is more than I could have expected and has helped me so much.

Kathrin was very attentive. Really listened to me. She went above and beyond and spent a lot of time helping and coaching me. She is very wise and intuitive and inspired me to figure out what I love to do and be myself. She uncovered things that I didn’t realize and has opened my mind up the fact that it is possible to do what I love and be successful.

The extra coaching and support was so unexpected. Her kindness and friendliness is so genuine. Her insights are truly in-depth. I don’t know how she does it! and the reiki healing during my session was very powerful. I could feel her working on me even though it was a remote session. I have had healing work done quite a few times and she is the real deal!

Absolutely next level! I really appreciate it!

And she has given me a lot to think about.

She knows what she is doing and she gets results fast. The session itself is amazing but the extra tools and support is what makes all of the difference. Thank you!!

Fatouma L., Lactation Consultant

I now feel very confident to speak up, I am very calm and composed when I encounter a situation that is stressful. I am now able to reach my goals without sabotaging chatter. Kathrin flipped the sabotage chatter into confidence. I am now fearless when it comes to achieving my goals.

Before my session I was afraid of judgement, I doubted myself and sabotaged my strengths and capabilities.

Which hindered me in starting my business as an international certified lactation consultant. 

She found the root cause of this fear of the self sabotage and fear of success and eradicated it. She changed it to inner power, motivation and confidence to start my business and succeed .

The program delivered incredible results for me, on a personal and business level. 

Kathrin is going to find the root cause and the reason for what is holding you back from your success. The transformation will bring forth your true light and authentic self. You will shine and all self doubt and self sabotage will fade away once you get rid of the self doubt and sabotage. In this course, you get more than you came for. Many hacks and tips to reveal and become your true self and reach your goals without barriers.

She is very helpful and compassionate and educated in her work. She offered lots of strategies tailored to my specific needs to help me along the way. She knows her work and is very resourceful. She is always there to answer your questions.

The support was beyond my expectations, really incredible. Kathrin is very punctual at the appointments and would check in to make sure all is well.

Compassion and understanding. She makes you feel comfortable. It is not a one size fits all program but it is truly tailored to your needs. Despite her busy schedule with clients she is always there for you to help you in your journey to becoming successful.

And now is your turn! It is time to build your financially successful soul aligned business.