The REAL reason your business is not taking off!

Introducing The Self-Sabotage Resolution!

the ultimate approach to stop self-sabotage, and to create a thriving business with ease and focus.

Ambitious women listen up, this is your chance to FINALLY say goodbye to self-sabotage syndrome and being stuck, instead build a successful business with ease and confidence.

Feeling overwhelmed with building your business?

I get it.

There is so much to do. So much to learn. So many pieces of the puzzle…you just don’t know where to get started.

And even though your todo-list is endless, you procrastinate. You jump from one ‘promising’ idea to the next, never finish anything while the faith in your abilities to help others diminishes. Your confidence reaches a new low.

Staying on that track will make the worst nightmares come true. The feelings of

  • not having achieved your dreams.
  • letting your family down and not setting an example for your kids.
  • letting yourself down.
  • not being able to accomplish anything.

If this sounds familiar to you and you are ready to finally bust all self-sabotaging beliefs & habits out of your life for good, want to experience focus and work in a clearly structured way, while being relaxed and confident – you came to the right place!

Welcome to The Self-Sabotage Resolution!

A program put together exclusively for motivated, ambitious women ready to get to the next level of confidence, building a successful business beyond their dreams, and making the money they deserve!

The Self-Sabotage Resolution is the most effective way to release any blocks that might be holding you back, organize your endless todo-list in a way that makes it easy to approach, and helps you to stay calm and relaxed while building the successful business of your dreams.

Within 12 weeks your life and business could
change to the better. How about:

  • Having full confidence in your skills, products and services.  
  • You are courageous and determined in building your successful business.
  • Going online and speaking to your audience is easy for you.
  • You feel comfortable asking high ticket prices, knowing that you are worth it.
  • You feel authentic, fulfilled and powerful.
  • You are relaxed, your mind is clear.
  • You have high energy to persistently follow your vision.

All of this and more is available to you right now!

Rozzi Jennings


I came to Kathrin to seek help with my major self-sabotage issues that have been stopping me from starting my business and holding me back from reaching health goals for literally years!

I was quite doubtful in the beginning as I had tried different things before, had several RTT sessions, but none had worked for me.

My session with Kathrin was amazing – she managed to tap into something buried deep inside me that was the cause of all this self-sabotage that I had been carrying around for so long. And it was nothing like what I consciously thought it was. And as a result of our session together, I’ve been moving forward with the very things I’d feel major resistance towards, and I’m now launching a business I feel deeply aligned with.

Kathrin was brilliant and very responsive to what I needed individually. The sessions I had with her felt totally tailored to my specific circumstances.

Kathrin’s a pro at breaking through your self-sabotaging patterns and finding the real cause buried deep down and uprooting it completely. I’d highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to break through self-sabotaging patterns!

Hello there, I am Kathrin.
The expert focusing on busting Self-Sabotage Syndrome for entrepreneurs.

Ladies, I used to be the Queen of Self-Sabotage: Career blocks, no clear vision, no strategy, quitting everything and jumping from one great idea to the next. I did it all. My business unfortunately not!

Until I took action! I took everything I know about the power of the subconscious mind, RTT™, shamanic and frequency healing modalities, meditation, to eliminate limiting beliefs and fears directly at its source – the subconscious mind.

And I  combined the power of the subconscious mind with proven strategic action, added relaxation on top – and the results started rushing in FAST!

Through this experience The Self-Sabotage Resolution program came to life. And since then, many women from around the world have benefited from it’s unique and individual approach. Get ready to bust self-sabotage and success blocks and welcome money, fulfillment and a thriving business.

What you can expect from The Self-Sabotage Resolution program:

It is time to unleash your true potential.

It is YOUR turn!

(Limited spots available)

Why you simply can no longer wait to release these limiting beliefs that keep sabotaging your life and business.

Meet Karrin who finally said goodbye to self-sabotage for good.

Karrin Bamber


I used to be a major procrastinator, after my session with Kathrin I am taking action! I also had no clarity on what to do and where to go business wise. 

Kathrin was very attentive. Really listened to me. She went above and beyond and spent a lot of time helping and coaching me. She is very wise and intuitive and inspired me to figure out what I love to do and be myself. She uncovered things that I didn’t realize and has opened my mind up the fact that it is possible to do what I love and be successful.

Kathrin blew me away! She is more than I could have expected and has helped me so much.

The extra coaching and support was so unexpected. Her kindness and friendliness is so genuine. Her insights are truly in-depth. I don’t know how she does it! and the reiki healing during my session was very powerful. I could feel her working on me even though it was a remote session. I have had healing work done quite a few times and she is the real deal!

Absolutely next level! I really appreciate it!

And she has given me a lot to think about.

She knows what she is doing and she gets results fast. The session itself is amazing but the extra tools and support is what makes all of the difference. Thank you!!

And you can do the same!

Here are just a few examples you can expect from The Self-Sabotage Resolution program:


  • You are fully aware of your expertise and stand your ground proudly.
  • You enjoy the process of building your business and know that you are unstoppable.
  • You know how to dream big and bring it into your life.


  • You are confident to speak publicly online or in real life.
  • You are at ease when promoting yourself.
  • You allow your authentic self to be seen.


  • You get to know and accept yourself on a whole new level.
  • You accept your competence and are proud of your achievements.
  • You take action.

Financial freedom

  • You easily attract clients.
  • You charge according to your worth and feel absolutely confident about it.
  • You know that your services are priceless, and your clients recognize that.

Live a fulfilled life

  • You live your dreams everyday.
  • You have a clear vision and know with certainty that you will achieve it.
  • You go to bed feeling accomplished and proud of yourself.

And this is how the magic happens:

Having been the Queen of Self-Sabotage myself and having the chance to work with so many ambitious women, I developed the unstoppable and powerful formula to bust self-sabotage syndrome for good. It combines busting all limiting beliefs, forming a vision, being able to break it down and making sure to relax along the way.

Sabotage Blocks:

  • Self Worth to charge according to your service.
  • Self Confidence to offer your product to the world.
  • Success and money blocks aside so you can receive abundance freely.


  • Focus stops procrastination and gives a clear direction.
  • Purpose motivates and inspires.
  • Action Plan builds confidence.


  • Clarity for staying focused.
  • Rejuvenation for letting the inspiration in.
  • Serenity supports endurance and courage.

What is your investment for “The Self-Sabotage Resolution”

The mistake many people make is they think the “do-it-yourself” route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective this can be, and therefore more expensive in the long run.

Or worse…

The days filled with feelings of failure, regrets, self-doubt and remorse not accomplishing anything, not getting closer to their dreams will severely undermine the rest of their confidence, pride and freedom. 

Building a successful and lasting business takes confidence, a focused mind, proven strategies and tactics that help you accomplish all these new, different and challenging tasks and ways to relax and let go of tension. 

If you are like me, you want to live out your full potential, feel accomplished, successful and live a relaxed and fulfilled life, with enough money on your bank account to say goodby to “9 to 5” once and for all. The only solution is to finally let go of all these self-sabotaging beliefs, and MASTER the way of building your business yourself.

This is your chance to learn and benefit from my experience, knowledge and expertise to reach your goal in little time.

Your investment for “The Self-Sabotage Resolution” is 3 installments of € 1.097, – (or pay in full and save!)

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Please note: limited availability

To make sure each client gets my full attention, I only work 1:1 and therefore accept a handful of clients per month only. 

Self-Sabotage what? Get Ready to thrive in business and exploit your full potential: