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Ambitious women – do you want unshakable confidence and the successful business of your dreams?

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you know deep down, you have the potential to have a huge impact, and you can already see yourself flying to this exotic island in first class!

Stop wasting time in the self-sabotage prison, being stuck at a success level far beyond what you are capable of.

Let me guess, at the moment you are more frustrated than delighted …

Let’s address the elephant in the room!

Currently self sabotaging blocks are interfering with your goals and are keeping you going in circles.

The worst about your situation: You know you are really good at your job, and it is exactly what you want to do. While at the same time, doubt and fear that you might not be good enough, keep you stuck in a loop. Stopping you from unleashing your full potential.

I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the following sounds familiar to you. It sure does to me!

Procrastination, Reprioritization & Defiance

You start your tasks highly motivated but shortly after overthinking and fiddling around kicks in. Driven by your low self-belief and lack of trust you sabotage your initial excitement and engagement.



The thought of going live on social media triggers feelings of exposure. Putting content out there seems like a drag. You fear you won’t meet people’s expectations and to top it off, that ‘they’ judge you.


You love what you do, but there is this voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough, and your programs don’t live up to the promises which diminishes your confidence and stops you from launching your program.


Instead of sharing your gifts with the world, and having the phenomenal success you deserve, you are stuck, watching other people succeed. Wondering if you will ever make it or why your business is just not taking off.


You know you want to increase your impact and help more people but you constantly switch strategies and ideas. Instead of sticking to one, your fear of failing keeps you going in circles.

Maybe you have come to the conclusion you are just not cut out for extra ordinary success or should be okay with where you are at. 

If this is the case it is time to act FAST!

Truth is, as long as success blocks are active, you won’t fully trust yourself or see your worth. And other people won’t either.

The good news is: you absolutely have the potential to reach your desired success. You just have to get rid of the limiting beliefs and blocks and reactivate your natural success mechanism.

Welcome to
The Self-Sabotage resolution

A program deliberately designed for ambitious, motivated women ready for unshakeable confidence, more money and next level success.

My exclusive 1:1 Healing & Mentoring Program is for visionaries, open-minded women and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference with their business and are ready to show their full commitment. And who do not want to do so without motivation and inspiration.

The Self-Sabotage-Resolution is the most effective way to dissolve individual blockades, to authentically implement your vision of success in your business and to magnetically attract your dream clients. 

Get ready to tackle your business goals!

With „The Self-Sabotage Resolution“ I offer you a profound transformation for your life and business!

In as little as 4 month your life and business can change for the better according to your ideas:

All this and more is available to you! Are you ready to cut the BS?

For these amazing women self sabotage is a thing of the past!

Christina Neumaier

Body & Mindfulness Coaching, Germany

After my launch in Oct 2020 I was certain sabotaging success and money blocks were holding me back.

For that launch I had invested in additional business coaching, spent thousands of euros on advertising and even though 2.000 women signed up for the 3 day challenge my sales rate was only 1%.

I had been doing mindset work on the subconscious level before, but Kathrin’s approach goes way deeper and I was able to draw connections, I didn’t see before. That for me was a total game changer.

Since working with Kathrin a lot has changed. I have so much more energy, I stopped procrastinating and now act upon my ideas immediately. Further, instead of pressuring myself to do things, I now act out of pure joy and excitement.

My confidence has reached a new level and I now enjoy going live.

To top it of, in December 2020 I made an additional 4.000, – EUR out of the blue and in January 2021, my very spontaneous launch reached a sales rate of 17%. 

If you are ready to bust self sabotage to live and create freely, I highly recommend working with Kathrin.

Joy Perry

Holistic Massage Therapist, US

I feel amazing! 

Ever since I worked with Kathrin I feel so much more confident and empowered. Before I had a fear of visibility – on and offline, low self confidence and anxiety.

I am surprised to have such a surge in energy and extreme gratefulness. Also, following our first session I had my busiest week on record! My income more than doubled!

Kathrin provides phenomenal support. She was quick in her response time and had recordings ready almost immediately.

She was both attentive and very supportive to my specific needs. We were easily able to make our schedules work considering the difference in time zones.

The combination of tools was great. I got to experience a tripod of Trance, mixed with shamanic and spiritual healing, Coaching and a Quantum Leap session. All of which I am still benefiting greatly from.

Working with Kathrin has changed my life and business and if you want to improve your business situation, gain lasting confidence and lose anxiety, work with Kathrin. 

Ready to jump to the next level and unleash your inner CEO?

Hi, I am Kathrin.

The expert in uncovering and solving sabotaging blocks for ambitious, motivated visionaries and entrepreneurs who want to have phenomenal success with their business.

Ladies, I used to be the queen of self-sabotage: 

  • Money and success blocks at their finest,
  • no clear vision, no strategy,
  • reoccuring limiting beliefs,
  • one business coaching after another, and back again.

I have tried it all myself. My business suffered accordingly!

Until I had enough and decided to finally do something! I combined everything I knew about the law of attraction and the power of the subconscious. Combined RTT™, shamanic, Frequency Healing modalities and meditations, to finally bust the limiting beliefs and fears directly at their source – the subconscious and at the celluar level. 

In addition to the focused mindset work, I strategically aligned myself for success, adding relaxation and joy – and the results came FAST!

This was the birth of „The Self-Sabotage Resolution“. Since then, women all over the world have benefited from its unique and individual approach. Get ready to break through self-sabotage and success blocks and say „Welcome“ to money, fulfillment, and success on the next level.

What to expect from  „The Self-Sabotage Resolution“ program:

It is time to unleash your true potential.

Now is your turn!

(Spots are limited!)

Why now is exactly the right time to resolve the limiting beliefs that sabotage your life and your business.

Meet Karrin, who said goodbye to sabotaging habits for good!

Karrin Bamber

Holistic Therapist, SA

I used to be a major procrastinator, after my session with Kathrin I am taking action! I also had no clarity on what to do and where to go business wise. 

Kathrin blew me away! She is more than I could have expected and has helped me so much.

Kathrin was very attentive. Really listened to me. She went above and beyond and spent a lot of time helping and coaching me. She is very wise and intuitive and inspired me to figure out what I love to do and be myself. She uncovered things that I didn’t realize and has opened my mind up the fact that it is possible to do what I love and be successful.

Her kindness and friendliness is so genuine. Her insights are truly in-depth. I don’t know how she does it! And the Reiki healing during my session was very powerful. I could feel her working on me even though it was a remote session. I have had healing work done quite a few times and she is the real deal!

Absolutely next level! I really appreciate it!

And she has given me a lot to think about.

She knows what she is doing and she gets results fast. The session itself is amazing but the extra tools and support is what makes all of the difference. Thank you!!

Here are just a few examples of what you can expect from the Self-Sabotage Resolution program

Financial freedom

  • You attract customers with ease.
  • You increase your revenue continuously.
  • You accept the universal abundance and thus the flow of money with ease. 


  • You know that you are the powerful creator of your reality.
  • You fully accept your competence and are proud of your doing.
  • You realize your biggest dreams.

Your business

  • You enjoy the growth of your business and know that you cannot be stopped.
  • Your team is growing and so is your impact.
  • You are proud of the empire you are building.

Self-worth & self-love

  • You get to know and love yourself on a whole new level.
  • You accept yourself as you are. You rise above yourself.
  • You are unstoppable.

Leading a fulfilled life

  • You live your dream every day.
  • You have a clear vision and you are sure to achieve it.
  • You go to bed in the evening, proud of everything you have accomplished. 

And this is how the magic happens!

Since I myself was the queen of self-sabotage and had the opportunity to work with so many ambitious women, I developed a highly effective holistic approach to say goodbye to success and money blocks once and for all. 


  • Self-worth: Your worthiness earning 6-, or 7-figures is a no-brainer.
  • Self-confidence: You attract your clients with your authenticity.
  • Success and money blocks dissolved, you accept abundance with ease.


  • Solve the past and rewrite it.
  • Use vision to align yourself accordingly.
  • The Doing keeps your frequency high.


  • Clarity supports your focus.
  • Relaxation so that inspiration can flow.
  • Serenity and certainty that you can be, do and have everything you want.

Your investment for the Self-Sabotage Resolution.

Many successful entrepreneurs who want to finally hit the next sales target often make the same mistake. They think:

  • with the next business coaching everything will be better.
  • I just have to fine-tune my copy a little.
  • I can work on my mindset by myself.

What they fail to consider is how deep and hidden beliefs can be. And that simple affirmations alone are not enough.

Or worse…

They conclude that „Mindset work doesn’t work for me!“, because they have already built up so much experience and expertise in this area, and maybe even teach it themselves in their courses.

Fact is beliefs and blocks can be so deep that a strategic and holistic approach is required. On a subconscious and conscious level.

If you are like me,

  • you want to live out your full potential,
  • feel whole and successful and
  • experience this feeling as much as possible.
  • Live a relaxed and fulfilling life with
  • enough money in your bank account.

The only solution is to finally get rid of all these self-sabotaging beliefs on an integrated level. To truly be the powerful creator of your reality.

This is your chance to learn and benefit from my experience, my knowledge and my expertise and my gift to continuously hit your goals.

Your investment for „The Self-Sabotage Resolution“ is 4 installments of € 1,097.00 (or pay in full and save!).

Convert to your currency!

Please know, availability is limited!

To ensure that every client gets my full attention, I only work 1: 1 and therefore only take a handful of clients per month.

What, self sabotage?
Get ready for your most successful business and summon up from your full potential!