Hello there, I am Kathrin.
I empower ambitious women to bust self-sabotage syndrome to enjoy a fulfilled and sucessful business.

But believe me, that wasn’t always the case:
from overworked and undervalued employee to successful entrepreneur - let me introduce myself!

Without even realizing I suffered most of my life from various symptoms of the Self-Sabotage Syndrome. 

My journey to consciously bust my self-made prison started at the end of 2008. I had enough of selling myself short, not living up to my potential.

And when you take a look at the picture to the left, you can see my first motivational board: Impress yourself!

But let's start at the beginning.

As mentioned above, I spend nearly my whole life sabotaging my own success in basically every aspect of my life. And that is the tricky part about self-sabotaging beliefs and habits, they seem so common that we take them as granted. 

My self-sabotaging behaviors started to become visible when I was around 13. I always enjoyed going to school, loved learning, and was eager to experience what is out there for me to discover. Despite the fact that I was actually doing pretty well in school, I felt like all the effort wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Instead of feeling empowered by my results, I focused on the kids who did better than me – and according to my perception didn’t even have to put that much effort into it.

I felt like an outsider, that I didn’t belong and that everyone else was noticing it. Truthfully said, they were all busy with their own lifes, not caring about me.

A few years later I managed to graduate from High School – as the second to last in my class.

Making me feel like the biggest loser but playing it cool on the outside.

To forget this misery as fast as possible, I spent a year abroad as an AuPair girl in the US. Yes – I had a blast 🙂 and also took care of some kids.

And even though everyone was complimenting me on my english skills, I would always play them down, pointing out how bad I did at school. I couldn’t even accept praise for the things I did well.

Lets Fast forward a few years again,

… I chose to move to Berlin. In the early 2000’s Berlin had many empty apartments, but no jobs.

But since I was unknowingly determined to further sabotage my career and success I stayed and worked in a Call Center for the next 6 years.

Still not noticing that I was keeping myself small, sabotaging me in every way possible.

I thought I make it easy on me and played the victim card – “It’s their fault” (whoever ‘their’ was)!

Switching employers in 2007 changed the scenery but I was still doing Customer Service. For another 7 years!

On the outside, I came across as this self-confident, life loving woman. But during all these years, I felt completely lost, wondering why everybody else seemed to have figured out life, knowing that there was more potential in me, than just doing the work I did. I wanted a fulfilling career. To be able to show what I am capable of and get acceptance and legitimation for it.

The last straw came when I was again overlooked for a promotion and my private life pretty much consisted of doing nothing and walking my dog (my savior). 

That’s when I finally realized that the constant self-doubt, not believing in my abilities and not sticking to a goal, and all of the above were the symptoms of self-sabotaging syndrome. 

And suddenly something shifted and I decided, if I ever wanted to live a happy life, to be confident and successful, I had to solve these problems.

I attended seminars on positive thinking, practiced Yoga and Meditation, but most importantly I worked with an alternative healer, who relieved me from limiting beliefs and negative programs at the SUBCONSCIOUS level.

That allowed me to finally get to the root cause of my inner demons and why I felt, I wasn’t worthy of success (and much more) and therefore didn’t even try to accomplish anything. 

That was my first major breakthrough!

Within a few months things started to change drastically. 

I was promoted, and given the opportunity to show my potential. And that’s what I did. 

Fastforwarding another 3 years I had reached my goal in the corporate world. I was an international trainer and coach for young professionals, working in L.A., Tokyo and Berlin. And even though I loved my job I also realized I still wasn’t living up to my true potential.

Having worked on my mindset consistently for over 10 years by that time and releasing all that inner bullshit, having gained diverse experience in the corporate and spiritual world, I decided it was time for me to pull a 180.

I left my safe, comfortable and stable corporate job to do what I love doing most:

Empower other women to get phenomenal confidence and unapologetic success in life and business.

Plot twist: Yes, I was an entrepreneur and still really happy with my decision. But the money wasn’t flowing in as expected.

Turns out, the life of a business owner brings new sets of challenges:

  • Online Marketing – say what? Facebook, Instagram, Funnel, SEO, oh no! I had no clue. 
  • Trusting my abilities and charging what my services were worth.
  • I thought I had to come across as perfect. Being myself really scared me!
  • I had no idea how important a niche was or what it even is. But because I had no niche, I also had no marketing strategy. And therefore wasn’t attracting any clients. The ones I did attract were either former colleagues or referrals.

It was time for a serious self-sabotaging intervention part 2:

I worked on myself using a complex form of hypnotherapy, frequency healing, shamanic techniques and EFT to finally BUST my “I am not worthy of success, receiving money bullshit beliefs”,  and “Who am I profiling myself as an expert?” crap at the subconscious level.

I said GOODBYE for good to any self-sabotaging beliefs and habits and upgraded my belief system and frequency on a major level.

And I finally got rid of another major block “I need to figure this out by myself!” and invested in myself and in my business with marketing programs and a business coach, for a clear action plan. 

To cut a long story short, I stopped fiddling around and finally got started with a clear strategy and a laser sharp focus and vision.

And I’ll support, guide, teach and help you to do the same.

And because I have busted all my self-sabotaging beliefs and habits I say it loud, proud and clear: I am your ultimate Self-Sabotage Resolution Expert.

Your limiting beliefs and blocks have no chance against the subconscious work and coaching we’ll do together. 

I have helped clients to finally stop wasting time but to get started in their field of expertise, and be the confident leader they are, and attract high-paying clients, and more.

When you use the power of the subconscious mind, combine it with a clear strategy, not even the sky’s the limit. 


Most importantly, I want you to know that your true power and full potential is your authentic you! This is what we will unleash and what will lead you to your unlimited success. 

Professional Bio:

  • Kathrin is an experienced coach, versatile international trainer and healer trained in hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational, Shamanic and Spiritual Healing techniques. She further uses Yoga, Meditation and Breathing techniques to release negative energy blocks. For more than 10 years she has extensively studied the mind to overcome physical pain rooted in her low self-esteem. She has helped countless women find and eliminate deep blocks which allowed them to be happier, healthier and more confident at a personal level and succeed in business.


  • She started an interest in the power of the mind in 2007 and while being an international trainer and coach for young professionals at a high-profil Berlin software company she deepend that interest and infused her work with scientific findings. Understanding that the most brilliant minds limit their potential by not incorporating the full potential of their minds, the power of meditation and importance of rejuvenation. 


  • She holds a Diplom (FH) from the FH Koblenz, with the main focus on Personal Development and Labour Law. She lives in Berlin where she works face to face and internationally via Zoom both in English and German. 

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