It is time for self-sabotaging syndrome to finally bite the dust.

For a fulfilling and successful career.

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In just 30 minutes find out what exactly sabotages your success.


You are ambitious and deep inside you can clearly feel that you have the potential to be phenomenally successful in your business or career.

But you keep running against the same walls, something keeps you small.

You feel like you're stuck.

As employee

  • You are constantly working on projects that do not match your potential.

  • You do 3 jobs at once, but you only get paid for one.

  • Despite your full commitment you do not get a raise.

  • You do not get any appreciation for your performance.

  • You are not even considered for the promotion you are looking for.

  • You simply cannot find access to most of your colleagues. You feel like an outsider.

  • Even on vacation you check your work emails.

  • You constantly feel like a victim. 

As entrepreneur

  • After you have set up your own business, you find it incredibly difficult to find a clear position/niche. Everything seems interesting, but nothing fits somehow.

  • You take part in various business and marketing training, but success just doesn’t come along. 

  • Your few customers are super satisfied and achieve great results, but the recommendations do not lead to any more customers.

  • Constantly you give away free sessions.

  • You charge far too little for your service.

  • Showing yourself online, whether with a website, on FB or IG, deters you. 

  • You don’t know where to get started and feel completely overwhelmed. 

If any of this sounds familiar, you are probably letting a sabotage pattern dictate your life right now!

And it’s time for you to finally take the reins again!

I know exactly what I am talking about.
For I was the queen of self-sabotage!

Hi, I am Kathrin,
aka the Self-Sabotage Resolution

For decades I have sabotaged myself, my potential, my success. I myself experienced many of the symptoms listed above. Until I finally freed myself from the prison of self-sabotage. 

After years of sabotaging my potentials on the job, continuously hiding my light under a bushel, I was able to eliminate my sabotage syndrome with all its side effects on a subconscious level and am now running a successful business. 

And I want to enable you to do the same. So if you are tired of simply not making any progress in your career or your business and finally want to reach your full potential, you have come to the right place!

I am an expert for the Self-Sabotage Syndrome and have developed the Self-Sabotage Resolution System. With this system I empower ambitious women to let go of any money or success blocks, take their self-confidence to a whole new level and to let success come to them with ease.

You deserve success all the way!
Are you ready to bust the self-sabotage syndrome and

  • to finally live your full potential.
  • to share your knowledge and expertise with the world.
  • to have a job that fulfills you.
  • to show yourself courageously to the world.
  • to be paid according to your abilities.
  • to be authentic and successful all the way through.
  • to have absolute confidence in your skills and earn good money with them.

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