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Ready to go from „wondering where the clients might come from“ to start working with your dream clients continuously?


You are a phenomenal coach …

Your work is your passion, your life’s mission.

Your clients achieve amazing results working with you!

Yet you feel stuck and wonder

„Why is building my successful business so hard? Why do I feel so overwhelmed all the time?“

Because even though you’ve: 

Your business is rather an expensive hobby than the financial success story you dream about.

You are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

And the truth is, you are starting to question if you ever gonna make it.

If you are cut out for success!

Not much longer!

I’m here to help you build your financially successful soul aligned business and be booked out with 1:1 clients!

Even if you think „I’ve tried everything!“

Because after two years of trying and failing I finally have the successful business…

And I help my clients to achieve the same…

I know exactly what it takes!


Are you in?

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Just imagine…

you feel 100 % confident in your expertise, so that your clients trust you!

you have an irresistible offer you enjoy selling and your clients are willing to pay for.

you always know exactly what to say, write and talk about to attract your dream clients

you have the best time building your online community filled with your ideal client

you are fully motivated to show up consistently

That can be your reality!

And that is exactly why I created this 4-day challenge just for you!

And this what you’ll learn:

Day ONE: Be THE Expert

How to show up as the EXPERT you are, so your clients can’t help but notice you!


How to create an offer you are in love with and your client wants to invest in.

Day THREE: Your IDEAL Audience

How to build an audience full of raving fans.

Day FOUR: Book out YOUR 1:1’s

How to be in DEMAND!

In just 4 days, you’ll walk away knowing exactly what it takes to build a IN DEMAND coaching business (even when you just get started).


Are you in?

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To sum it up!

4 intimate Live Zoom Coaching Calls jam packed with powerful insights to help you build your financially successful coaching business. 

And no worries, if you can’t be there live – recordings will be available.

4 Days of Support from Kathrin in a private FB group.

4 Highly Valuable Worksheets to help you map out your path to success so you can start taking action right away.

The Opportunity to get high level strategic tips on how to move towards your dream business and connect with like minded and highly ambitious coaches and healers.

The chance to win € 500 to use towards Kathrin’s The C.L.E.A.R. Method Mastermind!

Christina Neumaier

Embodyment Coach


Before I worked with Kathrin my launches had a sales rate of less than 1% even though I had invested in additional business coaching and FB ads. Now I am fully energized,  follow my intuition and sell out my high ticket programs without a launch. 

I always thought I was a typical procrastinator – not anymore. I now take action! Kathrins approach goes so much deeper than regular mindset work and achieves amazing results.

Joy Perry

Holistic Massage Therapist

Joy Perry

I feel amazing! 

Ever since I worked with Kathrin I feel so much more confident and empowered. Before I had a fear of visibility – on and offline, low self confidence and anxiety.

I am surprised to have such a surge in energy and extreme gratefulness. Also, following our first session I had my busiest week on record! My income more than doubled!

Dia Ellinghaus

Life Transformation Coach



I was completely sabotaging myself, total overwhelm with getting my biz going, social media “angst” and some limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had – lol.

Kathrin is a badass at crushing not only limiting beliefs around “being successful” but also the major issues I was facing around time and task management aka analysis paralysis.

Shortly after my session with Kathrin I signed up a new client and felt absolutely confident to charge 3 times more than before.

PLOT TWIST! This is not your ordinary challenge!

During these 4 days you will receive business strategies that move your business to the next level but also deep healing work on the subconscious level.

With this challenge I combine the best of the strategic world with the most effective healing methodologies to support you build your financially successful business faster


Are you in?

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