You have many passions, lots of experience, and even more knowledge!

It is YOUR time to let ALL of it shine!

Open yourself up for more MAGIC in your life and join my daily APPRECIATION ritual. 

Hi, I'm Kathrin Niesel.

Spiritual & energetic healer and life & biz coach and mentor.

As a woman with many different hats it is my absolute passion to support multi-passionate & ambitious spiritual women to acknowledge and express themselves fully so that they can start creating the life & business of their desire. Based on freedom and financial abundance. 

Meet me for a coffee chat via Zoom and let’s get to know each other!

I am the ideal mentor for women who are

When you work with me, we pursue one goal

to get clear!

I offer a 6-month mentorship program.

We start with your vision and where you are at right now. 

We let your emotions guide us and clear all  energetic blocks that keep you from letting your full potential shine bright.

We go deep and won’t leave a stone unturned to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

I use spiritual & energetic healing modalities, trance, Reiki, and powerful frequency healing to help you peel off old layers of limitations, lies and burdens.

Combine them with powerful coaching tools to give you the  powerful transformation you desire and deserve.

All you have to do is to show up for yourself and ALLOW!

Let’s chat about your desired transformation over a coffee 🙂

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